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Jan. 14, 2020

Boise Luxury Market 2020

Boise Luxury Market 2020

Many homeowners in Boise found themselves with more home equity than they realized. At the same time their wages were increasing last year. These two factors combined can act as a trigger for the homeowners to think about making a move to a larger or more ...

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Jan. 8, 2020

Spring Home Buying Season Is Here

Spring Home Buying Season Is Here

springHistoricall, most home buyers enter the real estate market in spring, around April. Well, not anymore... According to new research, January 2019 was only 1% behind February for the most monthly views per listing on major real estate websites. Thus, the busiest season in ...

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Jan. 6, 2020

Why Work With a Local Boise Realtor?

Why work with a local Boise real estate professional?

local boise realtor

Choosing the right experienced real estate professional is one of the most important decisions you can make when you decide to buy or sell a home or an investment property.

A local real estate professional knows current Boise market conditions and ...

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Dec. 10, 2019

Boise Real Estate Update - November 2019

Boise Real Estate Market Report - November 2019

Boise Idaho real estate home prices continued to rise last month. The buyer demand for Boise homes for sale exceeded the available home supply, especially in the "first time buyer" category in lower price ranges. The new construction homes are mostly offered in ...

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Oct. 4, 2019

Preparing Your House for Sale

selling your house

When selling your homes, always keep in mind that the first impressions count.

Here are a few steps to take when selling your home:

Repair everything you know of that's broken. Fix the running toilet, the closet doors that don't shut all the way, the hole in the ...

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