selling your house

When selling your homes, always keep in mind that the first impressions count.

Here are a few steps to take when selling your home:

Repair everything you know of that's broken. Fix the running toilet, the closet doors that don't shut all the way, the hole in the fence, leaking roof. Basically repair all broker things you are aware of.

Clean the house. Hire a cleaning service to do a deep clean — the kind where they scrub the baseboards and toekicks and vacuum behind the refrigerator. Power wash the house and driveway. Make sure your landscape is spiffy, too: boxwoods trimmed, lawn mowed, flower beds weeded. Curb appeal matters.

Declutter. Tidying up is the way to sell your house. You need to bust the clutter and make your house look Insta-perfect. Clear the kitchen counters, pack up most of your books and all of your knickknacks and take them to a storage unit or donate them to charity. Cull your clothes and donate the ones you haven't worn in more than a year. Clean out the garage, tidy up the laundry room, organize the pantry. 

All this tidiness and organization signal to potential buyers that your house has been well cared for — and has plenty of room for all their clutter.

Depersonalize your space. Take you out of your home. Box up family photos, your great-grandma's heirloom quilt, your son's Matchbox car collection. It sounds sad, but it's how to sell your house. 

You want buyers to be able to see themselves and their things in the house. They can't do that if it feels like your house. Look at this as the first step in packing up to leave. Consider renting a storage unit for the stuff until you move.

Stage your house or condo. This is one step beyond the decluttering, depersonalizing, and cleaning. This is when you set up your house to show off its assets and downplay its weaknesses. It may mean moving furniture and making your house look as perfect as a photo in a new construction magazine.

Staged houses can sell faster and at a higher price. Staging a home is key if you've moved out and the house is empty. A professional stager will bring in décor and make your house attractive to buyers.

Some agents have stager they work with, or do it themselves. You can also hire a pro yourself, someone with top-flight design and décor skills.

Paint the interior of your house, especially walls that are an unusual color. You adore the purple in the bathroom. Buyers may not. Pick a neutral tone, like gray or beige.

Paint your house exterior, too, if there is worn or flaking paint, or if you painted the exterior an unconventional color that might turn off buyers.

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